Chiara Marrapodi is a therapist, scientist, researcher, spiritualist and conservationist at heart.  She communicates Animal Wisdom to all those that know her.  She has had close associations with the natural world since her childhood.  Growing up in Zimbabwe, Africa her family had many different types of animals.  Her connection to the animal world was always special. There was something between her and creatures great and small that no one seemed to understand.  As a two year old wild birds would sit in her outstretched hands! When others told her to give up on a dying pet  intuitively she rescued it and it survived.  When everyone told her that there was nothing wrong with her cat Smudge her intuition didn’t believe them and she used it, did research and found alternative techniques to assist Smudge to become fit and healthy again.  Chiara is passionate about pets and wildlife.  Her animal stories abound, at eight years old she was chased by a wild warthog in Victoria Falls, she has been ambushed by a hippopotamus while canoeing in the Zambezi River, has had hyena’s sleeping near her tent in Mana Pools, has been chased and held hostage by resident baboons at a poolside they had taken as theirs in an under utilized motel and has been held hostage by a tamed warthog at a safari lodge - she obviously had a special place in his heart!

So Chiara Marrapodi is a child of nature.  Her goal is to bring the magic, magnificence and enchantment of the natural world to each and every one of you.  To connect with your pets in a different way, a way that will bring you insights about them in a way you could not have dreamed of.  Seeing life from your pets point of view is enlightening and is a way to deepen your connection with them.  She does this in her way, showing you the gifts offered by your animal companions that you were not aware of! 

She is an Animal Health Coach (Small and Equine) candidate with the American Council of Animal Naturopathy and has studied various spiritual pursuits that brings an integrated approach to seeing your animal companions and the natural world with new eyes.  She leads a unique interactive meditative group online twice a month to heal the planet and all it’s inhabitants.  The interaction between the practitioners in the group and the natural world is truly unique for those who experience it! 

She is a gifted intuitive and animal communicator - animals instinctively know when you speak their language - they gravitate to you!  She has also completed Advanced Animal Communication with Val Heart.  She has taken remote viewing courses and Psychic Detective courses with Pam Coronado.

She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Energy Healer and has completed a MA Integral Health and is pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute for Human Sciences.  Chiara is proud to announce she was recently awarded a Silver Medal for Emerging Scientist at the ISSEEEM Science Symposium.  She presented preliminary research relating to whether photons can measure subjectivity in probiotics!  She also published her research in the ISSEEEM peer reviewed journal.  This research is the first of it’s kind.

Chiara is the Founder of The Society for Animal Consciousness and the Editor of The Journal of Animal Consciousness - both the Society and the Journal are the first of their kind worldwide!

It is her calling and privilege to teach you Animal Wisdom, animal nutrition and a new way to see the natural world and your place in it!  Bridging science and spirituality!


© Chiara Marrapodi 2015








Chiara Marrapodi at 2 years old

with a wild bird in her lap

Meet Chiara’s Animal Companions

Miss Saskia

Miss Smudge

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